Police Say Remains Found in Concrete Are of Missing Oklahoma Mom

The family of Carol Grannon may finally have closure, after 12 years. Muskogee, Okla., Police say they are 99% certain that her remains are buried in concrete behind the home she once shared with her husband Jeff Grannon in the late 1990's. 

Police in Oklahoma say they are 99 percent certain that the remains found buried in concrete behind the home of a woman who went missing 12 years ago, belong to the woman.

Carol Grannon disappeared in March of 1999 and police believe her husband Jeff Grannon killed her. He is scheduled to be arraigned today at 3:00 p.m.

The cold case heated up Wednesday when the woman's step-son apparently told investigators a cryptic message.

“The suspect in this case (Joshua Grannon) advised us he wanted to talk about something special,” said Faye Banks, a sheriff’s deputy at the Muskogee Sheriff’s Department.

Joshua was 15 when his step-mother disappeared. He apparently told investigators where they could find her body.

“We had to clear it to make sure everything was safe, and we cleared a manhole and saw what was definitely human remains,” said Sheriff Charles Pearson, from Muskogee County.

That spot is in the Midland Valley neighborhood, where Joshua’s father Jeff lives.

Police say Jeff Grannon acted alone, but it’s uncertain whether he had help placing the body under all that earth. Investigators say there's a chance there could be more charges filed against other people, including his son Joshua.

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